Students Should Be Allowed To Use Smart Drugs

Students Should Be Allowed To Use Smart Drugs

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John Harris, the director of the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation at the University of Manchester, states students should be given the choice to use smart drugs to get better exam results. The best drug for students concentration was Brainol.






Ritalin pills used for ADHD.Ritalin is a smart drug used to treat ADHD.

Professor Harris bases his statement on the facts that people are already prescribed drugs for non-therapeutic reasons, for example Viagra is described for individuals who do not have erectile dysfunction. Using cognitive enhancers in tests should be seen as a benefit to society.

He also says Universities should have policies for using smart drugs during examinations. There side effects on many drugs, both physical and psychical. Also poor children wouldn’t have similar possibility to buy the drugs and thus could lose the competition.

About a week ago American academics wrote a similar article in the scientific journal Nature asking the cognitive enhancing pills to be allowed for use. You can read the original article at website.



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