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Oxiracetam is a relatively newer drug that has been show to improve cognition both in laboratory and real world testing. As our population increases in age, many of us are no longer prepared to accept the memory loss and loss of brain function that were once though to be an inevitable part of the aging process.

Oxiracetam Facts

Brand names Neuractiv, Neuromet, Hydroxypiracetam, CT-848
Chemical formula C6H10N2O3
Recommended dosage 800mg twice a day
Effects Cognition enhancing effects. Affects memory and concentration.
Legal status Unscheduled in U.S.
Approved by FDA No

Oxiracetam was born out of many years of research done in the pursuit of drugs and nutrients that could reverse the memory loss associated with aging, and improve mental ability, without causing undesirable side effects. This class of drugs which have the capability of improving memory and cognition are classified as nootropics.

Oxiracetam works in the center of the brain. In studies, Oxiracetam has been proven to substantially improve memory and to significantly raise levels of alertness. More studies are still need to be done on the long term benefits, but it is widely agreed that Oxiracetam does improve concentration and alertness. The overwhelming majority of people who use Oxiracetam experience significant improvement in learning ability, memory, recall and attention span.

While Oxiracetam has been found to be relatively harmless, also minor side effects can occur when using it. The most significant of these side effects are possible insomnia, and stomach aches. These side effects disappear almost immediately after an Oxiracetam user stops taking the drug for 2 days or less. It is recommended to people who experience these side effects to reduce their Oxiracetam dosage.

Oxiracetam is usually sold in 800 mg capsules and the recommended dose is 1600 mg per day.

Interaction with Oxiracetam and other nutrient supplements such as choline and hydergine is possible. When taking Oxiracetam in conjunction with these or any other supplements it is advised to read the instructions found in the package.


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