Newspaper Journalist uses Smartdrugs!

Newspaper Journalist uses Smartdrugs!

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In an article available on The Independent web site journalist Johann Hari tells about his relationship to smart drugs, more specifically Modafinil. He decided to test smart drugs when he was feeling burnt out after a long series of foreign assignments.

Hari tells the pills gave him ability to reach and maintain a very deep concentration which enabled him to read a book for 6 to 7 hours without even looking up. However, he also experienced some drawbacks:

After a while, you realise that your mental life is oddly depleted. Creative thoughts don’t come to you any more. You are running on the imaginative store you built up before Provigil, and whizzing through it efficiently, but you aren’t inventing anything new.

“Fast and flat” is the term Hari uses of the feeling he got when using Modafinil. When he stopped the use his creativeness recovered and thinking was feeling more spontaneous again.

So I have cut a deal with myself. I keep a pack in the bathroom cabinet for the days when I am really knackered and have to be able to work fast and fluently – but I don’t ever take more than one or two a month.

This report gives quite a positive picture of Modafinil on people who do not need it for medical reasons.


The full article and more can be found here.

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