Creatine and Brain

Creatine and Brain

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Creatine is a natural substance found in our bodies. Each time we perform an intense physical exercise our muscles use creatine to create energy. Creatine supplements are popular among athletes because they have been scientifically proved to increase both maximal strength and endurancy.

Stores are filled with different creatine supplement products these days.

In addition to sports performance creatine is also shown promising results on studies where its effects on brain have been tested. For example in the research made in Australian universities creatine was tested with 45 young adult volunteers.

The group that was given creatine supplement instead of placebo for six weeks got better results in a memory test. However, compared to other substances out there, the effects of creatine are minor but they still exist.

So far there has been no demonstration that a long term or short term use of creatine would cause any health risks or side effects. However, the European Food Safety Authorities has stated that high doses of creatine (20 gram per day) should be avoided.

Using creatine to boost brain functionality would be a bit exaggerated, but one thing is sure: it definitely has earned its place as an essential and popular supplement in the field of sports.

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